An invigorating scrubs treatment with anti-oxidants that result in micro-cellular circulation, reduction in the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles. Followed by our rich moisture application seals in the treasured ingredients, prolonging the effect of your treatment.
Floral footbath to began touch. An hour coffee or cocoa bean scrub after sauna and complete with moisturizing massage to further rejuvenate the spirit.

Approx. 2½ hours RM 250
Coconut Body Wrap ADD ON RM 90

Our sumptuous chocolate body wrap rich in minerals (magnesium zinc), vitamins (B-Complex, A & E) and serotonin (neurotransmitter)

Detoxify your skin with this wrap, rich in iodine, vitamins, minerals and protein, to improve body firming and redefine your figure especially around thighs, tummy and bust. Ideal for weight loss, stretch marks and water retention. Treatment begins with floral footbath, followed by sauna for deep pores stimulation. Our special formulation of Indonesian Herbs Scrub rubbing all around the body follow with a deep heat hot blanket for maximum result archived on draining water retention. Ideally made for meat lovers and those who lack in excercise. For superior body soft skin, yogurt will be applied on skin while soaking in the tub.

Approx. 2½ hours RM 280

Centuries ago, green tea been landed by healers for its tonic properties. Fortified with protective antioxidants, which help protect body from free radicals. Naturally occurring particles in the body associated with accelerated ageing and an increased risk of major diseases. Exposure to pollution, smoking and excess sunlight increases the number of free radical in the blood, but the potent antioxidants found in green tea add strong weight to the belief that green tea will not only promote good health but also makes you look younger.

Approx. 2½ hours RM 280