Exclusive Vinoterapia Bath and Body Scrub. Celeste is proud to offer you the most exclusive and luxurious spa treatment. Lose yourself in extensive exfoliating Dead Sea body scrub followed by a soothing Vichy shower in our beautiful pebbles wash shower room. Then proceed to our hand-carved pebble wash Jacuzzi bath where you will drift into an antioxidant rich wine elixir with flower petals, soaking in rich minerals and moisturizers – Celeste’s exclusive formula. To complete this experience – moisturizing massage with sweet almond essential oil. You will emerge feeling reborn, redefined and renewed. The ultimate indulgence.

Approx. 3 hours RM 320

Many tradition women learn and adopt new or more elaborate vaginal practices at marriage. Among the Javanese and Sudanese, and many other ethnic groups, a bridge is prepared for nuptials by a professional wedding dresser (Tukang Pais). There is no standard way of preparation, but Ratus Wangi is a typically used to reduce vaginal odors and any excessive secretions. Occasionally, the dresser will advise the bridge to undergo a special pre-wedding beauty treatment. At a beauty salon or spa, the bridge will get her vagina “smoked” by sitting on a chair with a whole in the middle over a charcoal on which special herbs are placed to create a fragrant steam.
Today, tradition has brought into lifestyle and playing important role on decrease white discharge of vagina, neutralize the womb’s offensive odors as well as tightening vagina. Keeps the vagina clean and moist at all time.

Approx. 20 mins RM 80