Quench your skins thirst for moisture and nutrients, and drink in the sublime relaxation of our body contouring, remineralizing and moisturizing body wraps. A time retreat for your body, mind and spirit. Your journey begins with a full body exfoliation, followed by your choice of specially formulated applications depending on your skin requirement, and desired outcome. The blissful finally is a warm sluice by our well-designed shower room and home made lemongrass ginger tea.

This exfoliation and body cleansing ritual have been used in the Royal Palace of Central Java since the 17th century. Made from blended fresh milk and sweet woods. It softens and refines thoroughly and deep cleanse the skin. Treatment begins with floral footbath, sauna, a blissful shower followed by one hour Aroma Therapy massage of your choice.

Approx. 2 hours RM 180
Banana Smoothies masque ADD ON (Recommended) RM 80

The freshness of banana contains potassium, which has soothing properties provided to relief and aid for sun burnt skin. It offers a sensation of satisfaction.

This century old recipe offers the most potent sensation. An all ever deep heat experience. It is purely a single herb and spices mix, which prepared to warm your body at the first sign of windy weather. It’s good for fever, headaches, muscle aches and for those who are afraid of chills. (No recommended for pregnant women as the penetrative ingredients direct the heat away from womb area to the body extremities.)
Floral footbath will be given before starting the session. Firstly, wild herbs exfoliate will be worked deep into bones. Next, cucumber seaweed gel will be applied onto entire body with massage and goes into bath. A Vichy shower in a private pebble washroom to wash away stress and impurities. We will complete this oceanic experience with warming massage oil with an hour deep tissue massage, leaving you feeling like a new self.

Approx. 2½ hours RM 250
Coconut Body Wrap ADD ON (Recommended) RM 60